Names and Phrases on your Items

Thank you for choosing JohnnyF LLC for your Item(s).  We appreciate your business.

If you item has a custom engraving on it, you will need to supply the Name(s) or Phrase(s) you would like added.  Once you have added items to your Shopping Cart, select the Shopping Cart icon on the top right of the screen to view that list.  At the bottom of that page, on the left, you will see a box titled:  Order Special Instructions

Place the Name or Phrase you want on your item in that box as well as any other notes.  If you have multiple custom items, indicate the Item and the associated Text, describing each item on another line.

If your information is a little more complicated, just put "E-Mailed instructions to follow" in that box.  Once you check out, send an email to us, with your instructions/details.  The address is below.

When you Check Out, please make sure your email address is correct so that we may contact you if we have any questions.

Thank you again.  JohnnyF

We are sorry this is not a clickable link but due to ever increasing SPAM, a clickable link makes it hard for us to tell the difference between our customers and those jerk SPAMMERS we all have to deal with.