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20 oz Water Bottle - Carnivore Life - Wolf Pack

20 oz Water Bottle - Carnivore Life - Wolf Pack

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20oz Water Bottle with the Carnivore Life - Wolf Pack Logo and your name, custom engraved.

Double-wall vacuum insulation with screw on sealed lid, internal straw and tilt up straw top.

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Healing Humanity

Healing Humanity

I’m Kerry. After the Carnivore Diet revolutionized my life, conquering weight and health problems from severe depression to sleep apnea & IBS, my goal now is to document this transformative journey for others. I aim to spotlight REAL individuals adopting this diet, checking back in one year later to showcase the profound changes. My objective is also to learn and share insights from expert doctors about the science underpinning this dietary shift. If you’re interested in participating or supporting this enlightening project, find out how you can help via the links below. Let’s embark on this journey of transformation and discovery together. I want to produce the best documentary we can, sharing real-life examples…. but it will cost money to do it properly and to promote it and it cannot happen without donations. EVERY penny donated will go towards Healing Humanity: The Power of a Proper Human Diet.

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